House burn in Livermore, Iowa. Photo by Kirk Hundertmark

Jan. 8, 2020: Washington Fire Department’s Pancake Day, lunch 11 a.m.-1 p.m., supper 5-7 p.m.

Jan. 9, 2020: Scotts Bluff County Mutual Aid Association meeting, Lyman Fire Department.

      I think it is comical how when you give a child a fire helmet, they will most likely put it on with the brim forward like a baseball cap. The reason they do this is that is how they were taught to wear a hat. They have a predetermined idea of what looks right. This is an example of a paradigm.

     A fire in a corn crib spread to a machine shed and another out building just east of Manilla on Dec. 9. Firefighters from Manilla, Manning, Irwin and Denison battled the fire in 15 temperatures (four below zero windchill). Photos by Jim Clark, Denison Volunteer Fire Department.  

On Nov. 24, Staplehurst Fire Department hosted a training house burn. Firefighters from Staplehurst, Tamora, Utica, Bee and Gresham took part. The Southeast Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps was also there to help with blood pressure and firefighter rehab, freeing up EMTs and firefighters to practice. Submitted by Cody Meredith.

Yankton and Lesterville firefighters along with three ambulances from Yankton County responded to a two-vehicle accident north of Yankton on Highway 81.

Freeman firefighters attack the west side of a house fire about 5 a.m. on Nov. 29. With the fire in full blaze when firefighters arrived, they worked to preserve the surrounding area, including a home immediately to the east. See story and more photos inside. Photo by Jeremy Waltner, Publisher of the Freeman Courier.   

House burn in Livermore, Iowa. Photo by Kirk Hundertmark

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Annual conference

     Nebraska Firefighters and Rescue Members of the NSVFA: As I sit down to write this article, we are only two days away from the start of our Annual Conference and both Pam and I are looking for

NSVFA officers

     The 2019-20 officers of the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association present for a photo at the banquet at the Annual Conference in Kearney on Oct.


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