Smoke Detector Victory at Johnson Siding Structure Fire

   The Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire in the 13000 block of Meadowbrook CT, Johnson Siding, unincorporated, Pennington County, SD.

   The occupants were alerted to the fire by smoke detectors and where able to exit the structure immediately and call 911.

   First arriving firefighters found a free burning fire with a moderate smoke condition, issuing from the single-story, residential structure.

   Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department Chief Steve Smart reminds everyone to maintain their smoke detectors, “Keep them clean, when you change your clock, change the smoke detectors     battery, and replace the entire smoke detector after 10 years or if you suspect they are failing or faulty” stated Smart. 

   “It’s my opinion that having working smoke detectors and keeping their doors shut to their sleeping areas was the difference between life and death in this fire.”

   Firefighters were able to confine the fire to the room of origin, holding the fire to a single alarm. 

   No injuries to firefighters, civilians or domestic animals were reported.

   Agencies responding included Pennington County 911, Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department, Rapid City Fire Department and Ambulance, and Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. 




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