NIce attendance at Mid-Year meeting

   It was great to see everyone at Mid-Year, it was well attended again this year as we had around 200 attend the past president’s banquet on Saturday night. The raffle / auction organized by the Radcliffe Firefighters went very well as we raised over $15,000 dollars that goes back to the IFA.

   The Iowa Hawkeye women’s basketball provided great entertainment on Friday night during the 5th VP hospitality event, and Saturday evening we had entertainment by Magician, Johnathan May, and Live Music by Neil Hewitt. 

   A couple of things from the board meeting for the ones that were unable to attend. Resolution #2 (a proposed bylaw change that would allow the board the power to determine the dues rate) was voted down. Convention 2024 was brought to the floor for discussion and it was decided that Iowa Falls will be Convention City 2024. They offered to host for a third year but advised 2024 will be their final year. I’d like to thank IFFD for stepping up to host for a third year. We all know this is a huge commitment of time for their firefighters. If your fire department or city has any interest in hosting an IFA convention in the future, please reach out to myself or the office and we will get you in contact with the convention committee to answer any questions you may have.

   Thank you and good luck to our 2023 5th VP candidates Lonnie Newhall from Dunkerton, and Mitchell Paxton from Hubbard. Congratulations to the Nevada FD, recipient of the 2023 IFA Fire Department of the Year and Dennis Williams of the Sioux Rapids FD as the 2023 IFA Firefighter of the Year. 

   Again, thank you to all that attended Mid-Year and to the ones that have never been, please consider attending in the future. This is the meeting where most decisions are made. There are plenty of opportunities to visit with the board and meet many other members. It’s a fun time just being around fellow firefighters telling stories and comparing tactics and procedures. Until next month serve with Pride!

Chuck Raska,

IFA President 









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