Mid-Year just around the corner

   Hello! I hope you are all doing well. Last weekend the board met in Radcliffe to work through next year’s budget. We reviewed the current expenses and income, using that information we were able to come to a balanced budget with realistic numbers for the association’s current needs. 

   Lately I’ve been focused on the upcoming legislative session. We’ve been to Des Moines a few times to meet with the Fire Marshal and Bureau Chief to discuss their needs. We also met with Senator Kraayenbrink to discuss the LOSAP bill as well as the tire bill. 

   This year’s legislative agenda will focus on the LOSAP bill, Length of Service Award Program for volunteer first responders. This will be a retirement program for first responders that serve for more than 10 years. The amount paid out will depend on how much the City, Township or Emergency Service organization is willing to invest in their member. This amount will be matched by the state up to a certain amount yet to be determined. The payout amount will also depend on the dedication and participation of the member, using a provided guideline. 

   The Tire Bill will allow first responders to purchase one set of tires for their personal vehicle per year through select local tire shops at the current state bid pricing. This will be a direct money savings for all volunteer first responders. 

   The smoke detector project is a $100,000.00 request to re-implement the former program that was once funded by federal grants. The Fire Marshal’s office will team up with the IFA and local fire departments to purchase, distribute and install smoke detectors and batteries to those in need. This program will save lives. I’m looking forward to this year’s session as we are off to a positive start but only time will tell how we do. 

   Lately the requests for service awards have been rolling in and we are scheduling officers to attend these events. We all look forward to making our way around the state meeting new people and sharing stories. If you would like to recognize a member for 20 years of service or more, please contact the IFA office to schedule today.  

   Mid-Year is just around the corner and my firefighters, and I are working on the raffle and auction items. If we missed you, and you would like to donate please give me a call.  Mid-Year is Mar. 31st and Apr. 1st at the Gateway Hotel in Ames. The banquet tickets are now available to be purchased on the website. 

   Until next month, serve with pride.

Chuck Raska,

IFA President 






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