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   January will be a busy month for the NSVFA.  I’m excited to report your officers and various committee members will be Lincoln on Jan. 17 for the annual legislative and elected officials breakfast meeting.  It is extremely important that we continue the relationship with our state Senators and at the same time, welcome some of the new faces to the legislature.

   This year’s (90 day) legislative session began Jan. 4th.  Rest assured that Lobbyist Jerry Stilmock, Attorney Ryan McIntosh and your Legislative Committee are keeping a close eye on recently-introduced legislation.

   It is the desire of the NSVFA to secure additional funding in the existing Firefighter Cancer Benefit legislation which we hope to ear-mark for physical exams. 

   Also, much of our energy will be spent in an attempt to raise the $250 Nebraska state income tax credit for firefighters to $500.

   Be sure and check the NSVFA website (or Nebraska Legislature.com) to watch the progress of these bills and other legislation important to Nebraska’s firefighters and EMTs. 

   Following the Lincoln meeting, we will be traveling to Schuyler on Jan. 28 for the purpose of reviewing the legislative bills that have been introduced and take an official “NSVFA stance” on those that may affect us. 

   Mark your calendars for May 19-21 as those are the dates for the Nebraska State Fire School to be held at Fonner Park in Grand Island.  We have another great selection of classes that your Fire School committee is putting together. Make plans now to attend!

   Best Wishes!

Darrell Vance,

NSVFA President



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